Super gentle adjustment and an incredibly thoughtful chiropractor. Healing is a priority here!

– Abbey L.

Dr. Hill is kind and gentle! I have been seeing her monthly for the past 3 plus years! She has helped me with longstanding neck issues and has approached them with an ability to “guide” the spinal column back into its natural alignment effortlessly! I have loved seeing her so much that my whole family, kids and all, see her regularly! She keeps my kids calm and healthy! They love her!

– Austin S.

Dr. Hill did an excellent job to assess my needs. She was gentle and effective while she adjusted my back. She provided me with exercises that would fit my lifestyle (have baby and very little free time) to ensure the best comprehensive support to get me back on track again. I am sleeping better at night and able to care for my infant without chronic back pain. We will be returning for a family adjustment soon!

– Erin W.

I have been going to Dr. Kirsten for almost a decade. She has treated me as well as my two children and she has been amazing. She realigns us and keeps us healthy. I would definitely recommend her as a holistic, gentle and extremely competent chiropractor.

– Marie M.

I admit, I was skeptical about how much good chiropractor medicine could be but now I’m a convert. Dr. Hill has twice brought me from extreme pain to being able to walk upright. She has a gentle, healing touch and although it’s under unhappy circumstances, it’s always a pleasure to see her. Her studio is warm and inviting, and her countenance is kind and embracing. She will heal you — I’ve no doubt about that.

– Ann A.